Part of what I like to do with my jewelry is provoke thought; whether it be hand stamping a personal message, or inspiring new ways to wear your old jewelry, or some new jewelry. Here's are some examples of some custom design:


Kristin's good friend Carrie wanted to give her a personal take on the interlocking circles popular design. We mixed the metals and added a diamond charm because Kristin is Carrie's "North Star" 

For this customer we did two necklaces that could be worn together; one with her anniversary date and a secret-meaning number, and the other with the initials of all of her children.

Every year this customer takes a girl's trip to Telluride. This is the latitude and longitude of the place they stay. It was given as a gift to one of the girlfriends.


A community member was tragically injured in a home explosion. I designed a fundraising necklace and raised over $4000 to support him as he replaced all of his belongings.



Lafras wanted to get his wife something special as a push present for their first child together. He knew his wife loved dogwoods, so after some back and forth, we settled on this design. And we couldn't be happier. 


Custom design Buekes






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