Collection: Custom Stamped Diamonds

A wedding, a baby, a milestone,  are life events – some of the most significant moments of change one will ever experience. Not only for the person but also for their families and closest friends, things will never be the same. Many lives are altered by the uttering of those two simple words: “I do.” "Welcome". "Well Done". For the couple, a new family is forged. Or a new path is discovered. For parents and siblings, it is the moment when they relinquish their central roles in their child’s life. For close friends, a solitary relationship has shifted. And it is all very visible, very public. The gravity of the moment cannot be overstated.

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to provide you with a meaningful way to mark these life events for those who matter most. Just as a wedding ring is an enduring symbol of promises made and commitment, custom stamped jewelry from The Michelle Rhodes Life Events Collection provides loved ones with a keepsake of time and gratitude– just as symbolic and long-lasting.

Personal Messages Collection pieces are hand stamped on precious metals, then hand set into diamond bezels. Work with us to choose the perfect saying or symbol. 



MR pieces are simple, wearable, and personal.