I opened my business with an idea that jewelry can be a powerful symbol of confidence, uniqueness, and identity. I strive to design pieces that make women feel this confidence. Pieces that they can't find everywhere. That they can wear to tell their own personal stories.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, I went against my mentor's advice and passed up art school for business school, spending the next 20 years in sales and marketing in and around the Southeast. I believe this business foundation has allowed me to create a long standing business.

I have lived in Atlanta, GA, for almost 30 years, and have sold my work to retailers nationally. In 2021 I decided to sell to a limited number of retailers, and direct to customers through this website in order to offer more personal selections.

Working in sterling silver, gold-filled, and mixed metals, I stamp, age, and construct each piece by hand, often times offsetting the metal with semi precious stones or crystals.  I enjoy custom design and rework for all occasions. 

This year I celebrate 17 years designing jewelry for the modern, mindful woman.

Thank you for your support.