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When I started designing back in 2005, I was influenced by symbols and words representing ideas I thought important. I was tired of seeing the same boring jewelry everywhere. And tired of seeing the women I knew lack the confidence and inspiration to show their best selves through the jewelry they wore. I didn't want my jewelry to be complicated. I wanted it to be simple. Personal. Unique.

So I started making pieces with interesting shapes and stamped words that would inspire the wearer. Words like Grace, Wit, Chance.


From my first few sales, it was clear that people resonated with this new message in jewelry. They were drawn to the idea of owning something truly unique and special- a piece of jewelry that told their story.

As my business grew, I became drawn to natural materials that added interest to my pieces. I started working with gemstones, metals, and other materials to create one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. I loved the idea of a woman being able to wear something that she didn't see everywhere. That made her feel confident, mindful and unique. Or that can be given as a gift to do the same. 

My brand has now become synonymous with unique jewelry that tells a story. Jewelry that is simple. wearable. personal.

I've had the privilege of creating pieces for many celebrities, but mostly enjoy creating personal pieces for the everyday woman. My hope is that when someone wears my jewelry, they feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Thank you for following my journey! :)


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