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You don't have to look like a slob

We've ALL been there. Been hitting the chips too hard, or can't stand to wear your jeans for One. More. Minute.

Enter- leggings. My daughter swears by Lulu Lemon, but I've also heard the new Spanx are pretty great. But how do you wear them and not look like a slob? 


Easy. Here are 3 ideas:

LOOK 1: While I am working on getting everything "high and tight" I like to throw on a simple high-low sweater over an oversized t shirt that covers my booty. Pile my hair in a top knot (which is so easy and different than a ponytail), and throw on a couple of simple chunky necklaces and some FASHION tennis .Not the ones you wear to the gym or in the garden. Buy some and save them for "dressy casual". Nice white Adidas, or if you can afford them, Golden Goose. 


 LOOK 2: 

You can even achieve this in your car on the way home from the gym (pulled over, of course). Just throw on a cardigan and a pair of ankle boots. My favorites are Frye, but Doc Maartens are making a comeback too. A couple of daintier layering necklaces and you're done.


LOOK 3: If you've been running around all day and have drinks and dinner and will be mingling a lot, keep on your leggings, throw on a flowy blouse, some over the knee boots, and top it off with a couple of show-stopper chokers.

Can you think of any other ideas?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

Happy Friday!



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