Time to up your game. - Michelle Rhodes

Time to up your game.

If you're like me, chances are you get stuck in the same cycle of-well, this seems comfortable, I'll just wear that. Which means probably yoga pants, an old t shirt and tennies. To lunch. With friends. Where you might run into that client or potential customer or important person. 

Don't be caught asleep at the wheel my friends.

Here are 3 easy ways to elevate your look without really trying:

1. Think about materials.

If you have leggings and a t shirt on, throw on a great cashmere cardigan.

Or a beautiful silk shirt with your bluejeans:

Or, as an alternative to your North Face, a collarless leather jacket

Image result for cardigan over leggings and tennis  Silk shirt with blue jeans and layered gold jewelry #ootd  Image result for collarless leather jacket

PHOTOS: Pinterest, rstyle, Shopstyle


2. Think monochrome.

Cream on cream. Grey on grey. CINNAMON ON CINNAMON...

Here's an amazing post from Who What Wear that will give you tons of inspiration:

26 "Boring" Fall Outfits That Look Ultra-Expensive


3. Think point of focus.

When choosing jewelry, pick a focal point. JUST you neck, but a great statement piece or huge pile of necklaces. or JUST your wrist with a great stack of statement making bracelets. Or just your ears with great earrings.


  Stacked African beaded bracelets  


It's so easy! Think of how confident you will feel! It is a new 'elevated casual'.  

Do you have any ideas of how to update your look? Leave a comment below!


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