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One Surefire Way to Get What You Want This Year

I have to confess. I spent so many years just getting through the days, not really thinking much about what I was doing. My kids were small, and I was tired. I didn’t have time to get intentional. I had lunches to pack.

But last year I had an epiphany. WHY am I NOT spending time on the things that are most important to me?

You know why?

Because I wasn’t COMPLETELY CLEAR about what was important to me. I mean, not just keep the kids alive and make great jewelry, but REALLY important….what do I want my legacy to be for my family, for my community, for myself?

So I bought what some might think is a “woo woo” journal. It’s called The Rituals for Living Dreambook by Dragon Tree Press. And I spent an entire day filling it out. This wasn’t an ordinary planner. It started by asking questions like:

What are you longing for most in life?

What do you find yourself not being fully “present” in your life, or not participating fully?

What have you accomplished in your life that makes you feel deeply fulfilled?

Then it takes you through a process of discovering and writing down your core values and planning how to structure your life around those core values, and envisioning what your life would look like if you were totally aligned with them.   

What a lightbulb moment! I asked myself,

" Why am I spending any time on things that don’t align with my core values?"


Well, getting clear about all of this gave me the courage to make some pretty big changes in my business. I wanted to stop competing with other jewelry manufacturers who were perfectly happy selling 100 million necklaces at $5. I didn’t want to make something that someone could buy any of a dozen places. I wanted to grow the portion of my business that brought true meaning and satisfaction to my customers. The portion that made my girls feel beautiful and confident, or reminded them that they too can be purposeful in their lives and get anything they want.

So I’m on the same mission this year. I am going to try to bring you unique designs that you won’t see everywhere. That you know are made with intention and love. That are special just to you. That’s why you will see more thoughts, phrases, intentions written on my pieces.

I wanna getcha thinkin’.

I’m going to try to share info that lets you see things differently. More “elevated”, if you will. Now I’m not talking about all the great spiritual stuff. I’ll leave that to Gabby Bernstein and Dr. Karin Louise. I’m talking about the little material things that will make you feel more ready to live your best life.

Things like, "What are the world’s most creative fashion designers doing with color and pattern and material, and how can I do that too?"

Or, "What can I do with my accessories wardrobe that make sure that I only have great, sentimental pieces that make me feel beautiful every time I wear them?"

Or, "What can I give to someone else that will truly make them feel as special and important as I think they are?"

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As a little ”idea starter”, I wanted to share with you a piece I made a couple of years ago that is my personal mantra. I try to say it to myself every morning. It keeps me focused.

 Mantra pendant from Michelle Rhodes


 If you’d like me to do a piece with YOUR personal mantra, email me. I can’t think of a better way to start the year.

 Here’s to a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2019!




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Loving your words ,,, I’m guilty of doing just this ,,, I adore all of your Art ! You have a Beautiful Gift to share ,, I’m going to Own one of your pieces ..soon ❤️


Beautiful Michelle. I’m a friend of your Moms, at least I think so. My daughter lives in Villa Rica Ga. I really like it there. & she’s happy, so that’s all that counts. But I miss her terribly. I’ve seen some of your jewelry & it’s truly beautiful.. I will keep following your posts & your fascinating work. Never give up.


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