Imperative wardrobe staples you should march out and buy. - Michelle Rhodes

Imperative wardrobe staples you should march out and buy.

Happy Friday everyone!

I try not to bombard you with useless information, but I have come across a few blog posts that bear sharing.

Because when a girl gets the scoop, it's code that you share it. 


I regularly follow Who,What Wear because they never fail to include women of all ages in their posts. Today they posted a great article about under $100 wardrobe additions that are perfectly acceptable for women over 50. I WANT TO BUY EVERY ONE OF THEM AND SO SHOULD YOU. Read it HERE.



I also regularly follow Girls of a Certain Age because owner Kim France never fails to introduce me to new brands and new ideas for living without being cuckoo crazy. Read about her easy summer pieces HERE. 



Finally, I have become sort of stalkerish on Instagram over Wendy Euler and Goodbye Croptop, mostly because she preaches Living with Intention, and is doing it with this INSANE style. She also is incredibly responsive to me when I ask her silly style questions. Check out her Instagram HERE.

Thanks Wendy. 


The Company You Keep

  SO now that you are full of wardrobe ideas,don't forget your jewelry!

 I've put together a summer staples collection that you can SHOP HERE.

















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