How to buy a graduation gift without breaking the bank. - Michelle Rhodes

How to buy a graduation gift without breaking the bank.

I don't know if it's everywhere, but here in the South EVERYONE gives EVERYONE graduation gifts. When my daughter graduated last year, I gave at least 40 GIFTS, some to people I barely knew. And that can be a bank breaker. That said, this is such a great time in their lives that you really don't want t give them something useless and meaningless. 


With that in mind, I have a few oldie-but-goodie designs that never fail to make your graduate feel special, and are totally affordable at $25.


A favorite for Seniors who lately are wearing either those flowey easy dresses, or t shirts and shorts, I've hand stamped a medium sized disc with "The Best is Yet to Come" and hung it on a long brass chain- to remind them not to be nervous. Soak it all in. HAVE A GREAT TIME NEXT YEAR. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL IT!



For those who are sentimental, I hand stamped a medium sized disc with 2017 so they can always remember the times they had these last 4 years. 




Don't feel like giving jewelry? Here are some ideas that my daughter LOVED last year:


-Giftcards for FOOD. Cafeteria food gets OLD FAST. Amazon is the easiest place to get these. 

-Uber credit. They use it more than you think. And $2 rides in the rain add up faster than you think. 

-Dorm survival Kit. No more middle of the night "I'm sick" calls, AND they can feel like they've solved their own problem. Pinterest is my go-to for ideas...

-Flower delivery. I SAID I would do this, but didn't end up doing it and regretted it. EVERYONE should have fresh flowers. It's a nice way to get your student to appreciate simple luxuries.

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