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Do I match?

I always joke that I have a paralyzing fear of color. But some people I know LOVE color, and can put it into combinations that are really pretty. So I've been searching for a super simple FOOLPROOF way to mix and match your clothes (and, yes, jewelry) to ALWAYS look interesting and pulled together. Want to know how? 2 words:

Color Theory

It's really pretty easy once you have a color wheel in front of you. You either choose a color that is ANALOGOUS to the main color you're wearing, which means it's on the same "spoke" of the color wheel, or you choose a color that is COMPLIMENTARY to the main color you're wearing; which means it's the direct opposite "spoke" on the color wheel. Easy Peasy!

To save you some time doing the internet deep dive, I've created a Color Theory guide to help you. Just click HERE to download it now. Want to have access to more tips, along with scoop on new products, sales, and events? Sign up to become and Insider HERE.


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