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Coast to Coast

I've had an almost coast to coast trip over the last 10 days, and found it so interesting to see the different fashions from West to East, and thought I'd pass the info on. 


Started in Boulder, CO. I found 2 great places in Boulder and Louisville, both who carried beautiful, luxurious simple shapes in natural fabrics. The stores were Eleanor and Hobbs in Louisville and Willow in Boulder. Here are a couple of examples:

eleanor and hobbs louisville colorado          Willow boulder colorado        


HOW TO ACCESSORIZE: The great simple lines of the t shirt and trench call for simple jewelry. I'd go with this necklace:

turquoise choker michelle rhodes

The great earthy and natural fabrics of the dress from Willow calls for something a little more bohemian, like this:

michelle rhodes necklace


Next stop, Baltimore and Washington. SUCH A DIFFERENCE! I had a great meeting with The Boutique on the Hill, who specializes in dressing the who's who of D.C. So naturally, the clothes were much more tailored and businesslike. Here's an example from Joseph Ribkoff:


Joseph Ribkoff jacket


HOW TO ACCESSORIZE: I'd go with a great chunky bracelet like this:


Final Stop: New York City. There's just too much to show here, but the best synopsis can be found by checking out Barney's. Here's a hint: Luxury. Color. Unexpected. Here's my personal favorite by Irene Neuwerth:


Irene Neuwerth earrings Barneys


It was so refreshing to see so many different options, and I will definitely be adapting these trends into my wardrobe and future collections! Which is your favorite? What piece of Michelle Rhodes jewelry would you wear it with? Leave a comment below!


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