I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and passed up art school for business school, then spent 20 years in sales and marketing in and around the Southeast. I live in Atlanta, GA, and opened my business in 2005 after a metalsmithing class inspired me to design a handstamped bracelet which sold so quickly I could barely make them fast enough. Over 10 years later, I am honored to sell my jewelry to over 80 boutiques nationally, and do custom work for all occasions. 

Working in Sterling silver, Gold filled, and mixed metals, I stamp, age, and construct each piece by hand, often times offsetting the metal with semi precious stones or crystals. My stampings are meant to provoke thought inspired by my belief that life should be more than what is on the surface; it should be about learning new things, being gracious and kind and smart. I want you to have a closet full of treasured pieces that are easily wearable, beautifully crafted, and modern pieces that you will love for years, not just until the next trend comes along. 

I am lucky to have my work enjoyed by such performers as Tionne Watkins formerly of TLC, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, and Broadway actress Idina Menzel. 

Want to give someone something special? Let me work with you to design a piece specially for them!