Shake it up-just a bit

Not gonna lie. I've worn the same awesome joggers many times in the last couple of weeks. (They're by Peach, and you can buy them HERE). When the weather changes, though, I always want to try to change things up a bit. Here are 3 ideas to get you started:



No, I wouldn't unbutton my shirt-even though I'd want to- but I WOULD wear a pair of pink shoes with an all denim outfit.  Leave it to J. Crew


Or this:

In the spirit of always feeling (But never looking) like I'm in pajamas, these wide leg pants by Free People are perfect. (The top isn't so bad either)

And finally, this:


Ralph Lauren never disappoints. We all have a pair of black pants, but why not get a pair with a little embellishment on them? (You don't have to wear them with a blouse open to the waste or with a huge metal necklace unless you want to)


*photos courtesy of J. Crew, Free People, and Vogue 

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