Good Things For You


If you're like me, your evenings lately have been scrolling through Pinterest or Flipboard, or reading your favorite blogs. Me too!

My most favorite thing in the world to do is to share good things I find with people. So starting today, I will be sending you a few good things I find every now and again. If you like them, let me know! And share with your friends!

 1. Obsession with all things French.  I was fishing around You Tube last week, and found some videos from one of my favorites, Alexa Chung. She did a series on "the French way". This video I particularly love because it talks about growing older the French Way.

  Alexa Chung Learns How To Grow Older The French Way - Franglais | ALEXACHUNG


It even inspired me to get bangs. What do you think?


Photo of Michelle Rhodes and her bangs

2. Fashion weeks around the world and the fashion industry is totally changing due to COVID, and many designers think it's a good thing. One designer that has been championing sustainable fashion for years is Stella McCartney. Here's a link to a great interview in Vogue you might like.

3. And finally, a GREAT article on the biggest jewelry trends for fall. I've posted some of my pieces in case you'd like to participate!

I hope you enjoy! Want to see something from me? Send me a note! 



Here are some of my interpretations of Fall Trends 2020:   



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