It's Back to School time!

If you're like me, school has or is about to start, and everything settles back into a nice normal routine. For me, routines are good. Keeps me focused on my goals. This is a good time to take our Caregiver hats off, and refocus, at least for a little bit, on ourselves. For Instance:

Back to school

1. Take this time to reconnect with friends. Perhaps a ladies lunch? BUT WHAT WOULD YOU WEAR? Now would be the time to look through your wardrobe and get it down to essential, I-only-wear-what-I-love items. Head over here for some ideas. 


back to school manicure

2. Take some time for yourself. Start with a manicure. My favorite nail colors are always at Essie. Here are their latest.


Michelle Rhodes handmade Statement necklaces

3. Got a whole day? Why not take the opportunity to get your wardrobe ready for the fall. Here's a great process for the perfect capsule clothing collection.  And here's a link to what I think are the perfect jewelry essentials.


4. Don't want to do any of that? How about just take some time to read. Here's the latest New York Times Best Seller List.  Or if you prefer, Barnes and Noble.

Did I leave something out? What do you plan on doing now that the kids are gone?


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